Hey, nice to meet you and thank you for coming here.

You can call me Lana. I try to examine my mind and be as empathetic as i can. Try to exercise compasion, and catch up with my mind when lost in thought. I could tend to being introvert and prefer to show what i do instead of how i look. 


I was born and raised in the 90’s in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m based in Porto, Portugal since 2018.

In a world where everything tends to go faster, i choose Handpoke tattooing. 

Handpoke tattoos are made by hand. Dot by dot without a machine. This means the process is slower than with a machine.

It is a physical and mental practice of patience and perseverance.

I see tattooing as a ritual. Being present in the moment and encounter. For me this ritual is mostly executed in Porto in the 2020's and the context it's vital for this process.

I see tattooing as a craft. 

Handcrafted tattoos made by humans. Sometimes we forget about this. 

Handcrafted. By humans.

When getting tattooed, embrace this. Embrace the meeting. Embrace the experience. Embrace the uniqueness of the encouter. Embrace the flaws of its humanity

Tattoos are as permanent as us. They live with us and they grow old with us. They will change. They are supposed to change. Their meaning will change as well. Because absolutely everything is doomed to change.

Being alive is embracing those changes. Tattoos can remind us of this, and many other things.

Tattoos make us company. These choosen scars can allow us to resignify us and our body. They could be a tool for empowerment and feeling at home in one’s skin. Defying permanence, reflecting on the present.


I would love to meet you and punctuate this moment in life. 

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