What is handpoke tattoo?

The tattoo needle is hand powered rather than electric. The materials used, are exactly the same as for machine tattooing.

Does it hurt more than machine tattoo?

Most people say it hurts less than machine tattooing. Usually heals faster and bleeds less.

Feeling pain will be the result of multiple variables like, placement, type of shadow, thickness of line, size, hours, hand of the tattooer, how are you feeling that day, etc.

How to get ready to get a handpoke tattoo

Make sure you eat something before getting tattooed! Feel free to pack snacks and water just in case. Please do not put on any numbing cream beforehand, as this directly affects how the ink will be put into the skin.

We prefer if you come alone to your appointment. But if you would like to bring just one guest you are definitely welcome, but please let me know. Please keep in mind our studio is a small space. 

Make yourself at home but also be respectful of our working space, specially the tattooing area. Please do not touch anything in this area.

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How to take care of your fresh tattoo

Treat your tattoo as if it is an open wound. Do not submerge your tattoo in water, so no swimming, hot tubes, baths, etc. Showering is totally fine. Everything that touches your tattoo should be clean. Eg: your clothes, bedsheets, towels, etc. Be aware of what is touching your tattoo. 

Do not scratch or pick off scabs. Your tattoo may go through a very itchy stage. You may even develop some scabs. Do not pull of these scabs as it can cause ink to be pulled out of the skin along with the scab.

Keep out of sun! This rule applies to fresh and old tattoos. For fresh tattoos, under no circumstance expose your tattoo to sun for long periods of time. This can greatly affect the healing of your tattoo. Cover it up with a long sleeve, pants or even wrap a little scarf around the area. For old tattoos, do your best to keep out of the sun or at least apply a generous amount of sunscreen (no sunscreen on fresh tattoos)

Do not pile on lotion/creams/etc. Moisturize your tattoo sparingly. A very thin layer, twice a day should be more than enough for your tattoo

Avoid working out right after your session. Also sweating excessively can open your pores, increasing the chance of ink to seep out. Best to just avoid it

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Process of handpoke tattoo

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