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how to book a tattoo with me

please, read me :)

My books for June/July will open on May 22nd

At the moment i take appointments via email, museoambulantettt@gmail.com (unless i specify otherwise)  When reaching out, first ask yourself, are you simply asking for some particular information? Are you interested on booking an appointment? Are you looking for a pre-design tattoo (flash) or a custom project?

This will be our first contact, i will take the necessary time to evaluate each proposal carefully. Try to gather your thoughts in an efficient manner before contacting, this way the process will be as smooth as possible. 


It can take up to one week to answer emails, your patience is highly appreciated.

Concerning availability, i usually tattoo on wednesday, thursday, friday  and saturday, between 11.00hs-19.00hs

Not more than 2 people per day. This way i make sure, i’m fully focused with each appointment. I do encourage a slow way of doing things, being conscious of each dot. This doesn’t mean i’m not  flexible, if you are exclusively available another day/time or you are visitng with your friends on tight schedule, sure we can arrange something :)

If necessary we can also schedule a consultation at the studio.
Consultation is free of charge, and non-binding for a tattoo appointment.

custom or flash

I enjoy doing both, custom and flash. Also if you see a flash that you've liked, but was taken already, let me know and i can prepare something new based on that one!

Lately i've been focusing on small/medium realistic tattoos based (mostly) in paintings, drawings, etchings or photographic references. For realism dotwork, good references are crucial. Although for these kind of tattoos i work almost exclusively with references, i am not looking do an exact copy of the source. I find references very useful when you wanna get that realisitic look, but i will almost always need to change a things a bit, including light/shadow, contrast, patterns, texture, etc. so it works best as a tattoo. 

Big abstract projects are always welcome. The designing process ussually varies a lot. Could be hand drawn with sharpies, painted directly on the body with brushes, we can also do a collage of stencils, or any other way we can come up with. The process is always conditioned by the style we are looking forward creating, the size of the piece and the placement. In any case, we would normally check some references together, and from there we start building.
For those who don't wanna get the full commitment of a big abstract piece, you can also check some of my smaller abstract pieces. They have more that jewerly look. They can be tiny, but still bold!

When it come to illustrative tattoos, I tend to prefer doing my flash, rather than custom.
But please do not hesitate when inquiring about custom illustrative work!
You can have a look at the flash section for some inspiration.

some things to take into consideration

I rather do dotwork/shadow than line work. And when it comes to linework i will always prioritize textured lines, flowy lines, and 'normal' or thick lines, over thin lines.

I do coverups and blastovers, but we need to evaluate each case.  

custom  tattoos

When booking an appointment for a custom tattoo, check these topics that are key for great communication. (Note: at the moment i am only tattooing black & grey)

  • name, age, pronouns and email
  • concept, please describe in detail. feel free to attach  sketches you made :), references (i do not copy tattoos, i do not tattoo illustrations without permission)
  • size in cm (befriend your ruler, it won’t bite)
  • placement, have you thought about this? general idea? or you have some very specific placement in mind, please let me know
  • availability, let me know what times and days are you ussually available, if you have an open schedule

 Booking a tattoo

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